Grand Prix Events are now available for Groups of 10 or more

Please contact 087 0911109 for your GP Event booking and price details


we require everyone to comply with the following:

  • Karting is a non-contact sport. We do not tolerate any bumping and or blocking. If you are unable to pass a kart, this is no excuse for contact.
  • If the yellow flags are shown, you should raise your hand, drive in single file and be prepared to stop if required. There is to be absolutely no racing or passing under yellow. When you are clear of the incident and can see that there are no yellow flags showing at the next corner you may return to racing speed and resume racing.
  • If the red flag is shown, you will come to a slow pace and return to the pits for further instruction. Do not slam on your brakes, (the person behind you may not see the flags as soon as you), put your hand in the air and slow to a cautious pace.
  • Once the checkered flag is waved, the race is over. As soon as you cross the start/finish line, stop racing immediately and slow down prior to entering the pits.
  • If you spin the kart and are unable to rejoin the race, wait for a corner worker to assist you. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get out of the kart and restart yourself. Stay seated in the kart at all times when out on the Track.
  • Should your kart be damaged during an event as a result of any racing incident (regardless of responsibility for the incident), your race is over; no refund will be given. In the event that the Track Manager determines that you were 100% blameless for the incident, he will reserve the right to replace your kart or place you in another race.
  • Whiteriver Park has a strict “zero tolerance policy” regarding alcohol and/or drug abuse. Any person who appears to be under the influence will not be permitted to race and will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Anyone driving aggressively, beyond their own ability, without regard for our rules or the safety of all involved, will be warned or penalized depending upon the seriousness of the incident and any prior incidents.
  • If a driver or team is removed from an event under these circumstances, no refund will be given.
  • If you receive a warning or penalty, please remember that this is being done to ensure the safety of all involved. Please do not respond aggressively or abusively, as this will only lead to your exclusion from the event.
  • If you receive a warning, acknowledge that you have received the warning so that the Track Staff know that you are paying attention.
  • When entering the Pit Area, raise a hand to let the following drivers know that you will be slowing down.
  • Listen carefully as to why you have received a penalty and wait out your time. Do not argue or verbally harass the official; it will not be tolerated. As in most sports, the decision of the Official (our Track Manager) is FINAL and he/she will make that decision based on the reports from the corner workers who witnessed the incident. As in all forms of sport, it is possible that a mistake will occur; do not compound this error by arguing and elongating your penalty.
  • Anyone displaying any aggression – physical or verbal – towards officials or other participants will be removed from the race immediately and no refund will be given.